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Pre Gsoc

pre-gsoc2 min read

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Hello everyone and welcome to my pre-GSOC adventure blog. I hope you will find it interesting.

What I recall at the moment is that I was looking through the organisations in my stack and felt quite overwhelmed and bewildered. After looking through them and speaking with mentors in various organisations, I realised that none of them held my attention. After a few days, I give up, believing that I am not good enough to participate in GSOC like large and prestigious programme where talented programmers are applying. I stop looking for organisations and instead think : "To learn more for get idea in-depth and applying in like 2nd or 3rd year is more relevent.”

However, one day as I was suffering on social media and I suddenly noticed one of my mentors, Anand Kumar, had posted something. My brain was telling me, "You are not that level, pls don't msg him , you dont have that level to apply into GSOC," but in that moment I listened to my heart and msg Anand that I am interested. Within a few moments, Anand replied, and I was really surprised that he replied back. I start to think that I might be able to complete the GSOC, so I go to the radis github and try to understand, but everything just goes over my head. However, it appears to be quite fascinating.

I also speak with Dr. Erwan Pannier throughout that period, and I feel wonderful. My mentors are extremely fantastic ; At first, I thought it was a competition but my mentors told me that open source is not a competition but rather collaborative work and assisting one another, which transformed my perspective.. Additionally, I gained a lot of knowledge from my mentors , and I am really appreciative to them for doing so.

Considering the project, I went to open astronomy projects page to take look a projects first. I was interested in the "Performance Tweaks" project at first , but after a while they added the "Radis app enhancement" project, which I was also interested in. and began contributing to both projects, though I've always preferred the Radis app. However, after speaking with Dr. Erwan Pannier, I'm considering applying to both. I made the decision to simply submit one project : "Radis App Improvement". After some time, Google announced that the application preiod will shortly begin.

I'm attempting to make the proposal as good as I can despite being extremely anxious, agitated, and depressed. I'm grateful to my mentors for their support and generosity in that time.

Also I continued to contribute to Radis App after the application preiod so and I had grown to appreciate the project. Dr. Erwan Pannier assigned the duty of integrating a new database called geisa one day. I just met my amazing buddy Tran at this period, and we worked together to integrate Geisa as quickly as we could. After Tran completed the integration, I completed the integration of Geisa into the Radis app within two days, making me really delighted.

Thanks .

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