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Unit Selection

Unit Selection, Feature, Bug, 10th week, 11th week1 min read

Unit Selection

Previously radis only supports the fixed arbitary units [cm-1(wavelength range) , bar(pressure) ..] , but now user can chose the units from the interface what they are want to use.

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Bugs Fixes

After integrating the unit selection features we have some bugs in the radis app . Basically their is another feature that is integrated by @suzil [overlay spectra], so it is creating some conflicts in the radis app. So we have to fix those bugs.

  • PULL >> (unit_selection)[] (download button bug)[]


Taking about docs radis app providing the old docs when we are preety much using the lamda in backend . But more scalability we moved to FastApi . So we have to update the docs for the new backend and frontend stuff also .

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